The Ejacu-Nation World Tour (deathcow) wrote in purehorror,
The Ejacu-Nation World Tour

"Fulcigrind -vs- Romerocore" Update

We're going into the studio in the middle of September to record our
half of our split 7" with Dissector, "Fulcigrind -vs- Romerocore".
We're actively looking for a label to put this out. Barring that, it
will be put out under the "Horrorblast Records" name. For those of
you unfamiliar with the bands in question--

Dissector - &

It Will End In Pure Horror - &

And anyone interested in getting more info on this release, contact
me via one of the following--

Cell - 774-208-2000
E-Mail -
AIM - Cowmaximus
Yahoo - deathcowmaximus

Rich Horror
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