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IWEIPH Interview

Well, techinically I was the one interviewed, but you get the idea. This is for the Explosion Cerebral zine, out of Peru. They're on myspace at


Interview with It Will End In Pure Horror:

Explosion Cerebral- Can you do a brief introduction of the band?

Rich Horror- We're It Will End In Pure Horror. We play hardcore. We hate breakdowns. Guitar solos are rad as long as they sound like shit. We hate junkies, tough guys and more than likely, you.

EC- having HC influences, do yo put a lot of enphasis in your lyrics, do you have a message in them?

RH- Yeah. Even the ones that are funny have some kind of real meaning behind them. We have a song about picking up transexual hookers that has funny lyrics, but it's still based on something real.

Not ah... that I've done that myself. J-just... something I've heard second hand. I've also never punched a woman or thrown a stranger's lawn furniture into a bonfire.

Basically, the lyrical content is based around living in a shitty area like we do. Hookers, junkies, kids getting shot up on the streets is definitely a pretty common occurence in our town, so it pops up pretty often in our songs.

EC- Will you release a full lenght with a big label, or you will want to do it throw an independent one?

RH- We're self-releasing a split 7" with this zombie thrash-grind band Dissector on my own 'label', Horrorblast Records. Based on how much of an impact that makes once it's out there and how much notice we get from other labels, we'd like to put out a full-length in 2007. We'd obviously like to get hooked up with a bigger label that has better promotion and distribution than I do, but if not, we'll just put it out under the Horrorblast name.

EC- Which is your opinion of the mankind, when will be the end of all us?

RH- I don't know when it'll be, but I can't wait. The fact that I may very well be alive to see the end of the human race is fucking awesome. People in general are weak, ugly, stupid and more deserving of obliteration than any form of life that has existed on this planet, ever. I imagine the beginning of the end will come via chemical or nuclear warfare, and my only hope is that I'm not wiped out in that first wave of death. To live life like you're in one of those shitty 80's post-apocalyptic Mad Max ripoff movies would be awesome. Murdering indiscriminately, sexually assaulting whoever comes into my field of vision, feasting on human flesh, setting fires... it's going to be amazing.

EC- I have see that you are a very active band, how are your shows, which have been your biggest show?

RH- Depends on the area. Basement shows are always an awesome time, just because of the lack of rules of any kind. Kids can get as wild as they want, drink gallons of beer, do drugs right in the middle of the venue and just cause general chaos. Anytime we play O'Briens Pub in Allston, MA is a rad time, mostly because we play there a ton and all our friends come out and thrash out. I've been blackout drunk at that place more times than I can remember, and I love it for that. Our biggest show so far was definitely playing with Grief at O'Briens, that was packed. Our biggest shows are probably just to come though, what with playing the Doom and Grind Fest and going on tour this summer. We're psyched.

EC- Are you still playing in other bands, what do you do in your spare time?

RH- Jeff [guitar] and Matt [drums] jam in Suffer Now [improve noisecore] and Dead Dick [improv sludge], but those bands don't and never really will play out. It's just a fun thing to mess around with and record some songs here and there. I'm pretty busy working on the record label and booking shows. Our bassist, Suzi, makes buttons for bands and pretty soon is going to be branching out to be making shirts and patches for bands as well.

EC- What do you know of Peru or Southamerica?

RH- Mostly what I read in the funny papers. Although most of the bands coming out today that are more in line with what I think of actual hardcore or grindcore tend to come from that part of the world. I've gotten so many CDs and vinyl in the mail from bands that totally blow away the majority of the crap that comes out here in the states.

EC- Are you fan of gore and horror movies, which are your faves ones, will you want to do one in a future?

RH- Oh, fuck yes. The original Zombie: Dawn of the Dead is pretty much an across the board favorite in IWEIPH. But basically any Romero flick other than Land of the Dead, Zombie, Brain Dead, Dead Alive, I Drink Your Blood, I Spit On Your Grave are all loved by me and the rest of the band.

Yeah, we'd love to be in a zombie movie especially. Whether it's just contributing something for the soundtrack or being zombies ourselves, that'd be rad.

EC- What do you think about Bush, will you vote for him again, why?

RH- I think he's possibly the stupidest person of his age that doesn't have to wear protective headgear. Nearly every decision he makes is amazingly, jaw-droppingly retarded that goes over the line into the land of complete and utter insanity. So obviously I would vote for him again if I could, because if anyone can make my dream of living in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world where all I have is my Harley, a sawed-off shotgun and a belly full of pills... it's him.

EC- How do you consider your muisc, how will you describe it, do you think that you can be not labeled, why?

RH- Basically, it's fast hardcore. But everyone brings in their own thing. I'm heavily into a lot of punk like Discharge and Crucifix, and have actually spread that onto our drummer, who likes a lot of more standard punk bands like Social Distortion and the like. Our bassist is into a lot of the New York Hardcore bands like Sick Of It All, Madball, Murphy's Law and so on. I'm also into a lot of dirty sludge like EYEHATEGOD and Buzzov-en, so that makes its way into our sound. We basically start with fastcore and powerviolence as the foundation, and build on it with punk, grindcore, hardcore punk, sludge and metal. I don't care what anyone wants to classify it, as long as they get into it.

EC- Any future plans?

RH- Mostly we're just looking forward to finally releasing the 7" with Dissector and FINALLY going on tour. Other than that, I'm just looking forward to staying out of the emergency room... but I don't have any kind of real hope that will actually happen.

EC- Any last comments?

RH- Just... thanks for the interview and if anyone wants to check us out they can just do it on the internerd by going to http://myspace/itwillendinpurehorror or
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